Jack Grave’s Ejaculation Guru Review

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Ejaculation Guru is a step by step downloadable training guide which walks you through secret tips & techniques to help you last over 30 minutes in bed.Inside you will see what exactly to do while doing intercourse so that you can stop premature ejaculation as well as give women powerful orgasm one after another…

Ejaculation Guru is a 93 page , immediate access , downloadable guide along with 4 FREE Bonuses which contains tested techniques to treat premature ejaculation in a natural way without the need for harmful drugs or risky surgery.This system has been successfully used by over 1 million men from over 74 different countries around the world. Inside you’ll also discover the special things to do during sex that will make you last longer in bed naturally.If you believe that you are a “loser in bed” & you desire to last longer and deeply satisfy your wife,girlfriend or causual lover then this guide is best suited for you.
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Regardless of whether now you last just a few seconds , currently have an extremely sensitive penis and are with a partner who performs the things that lead you to orgasm quickly.With ejaculation guru system you’ll be able to give your partner a whole lot sexual gratification that having sex with you will become physically addicting to her , making her continuously beg as well as pursue you to get more of it .

These tips comes from the numerous years of expertise that Jack Grave has and its amazing that he has even had doctors purchase his manual so that they can cure their patients in coping with premature ejaculation . This is certainly because of the fact that Jack’s holistic program offers a longer lasting and more natural method as compared to any kind of strange creams ,lotions, gels ,sprays, pills or surgery .

Ejaculation Guru is divided into following 12 Chapters:

  • Chapter #1: Introduction to the system
  • Chapter #2: Techniques for ending premature ejaculation
  • Chapter #3: Using NLP to control arousal
  • Chapter #4: The physical approach to ending premature ejaculation
  • Chapter #5: How to masturbate to increase time in bed
  • Chapter #6: How to use your breathing to control arousal
  • Chapter #7: Using your PC muscle to stop ejaculation
  • Chapter #8: What to do during sex to last much longer
  • Chapter #9: Choose positions wisely and last longer
  • Chapter #10: Get your partner to orgasm within seconds of sex
  • Chapter #11: How to get harder erections
  • Chapter #12: The cheat sheet – tips for instant longer lasting sex

Inside Ejaculation Guru Manual You will Learn:

  • Most men orgasm earlier than they’d like to because they lose control over their arousal.Ejaculation Guru’s Complete arousal control technique will prevent that from ever happening and instead you’ll be able to shock and surprise her with your new-found stamina and ability to make her orgasm over and over again.
  • Find out a  special trick that you can use while masturbating to re-condition your body to last longer.
  • Which sex positions to use to last longer in bed (including some you’ve probably never heard of) and which to absolutely avoid to never orgasm premature again.just a small tweak to the way you approach a sex position can make the difference between lasting 30 seconds and 30 minutes.
  • How to build, train and take control of your ejaculatory muscles – Ejaculation is a process that involves multiple muscles.It involves the BC muscle, the PC muscle, the IS muscle and the ES muscle.When you discover this secret behind how these muscles work, you can gain complete control over the ejaculatory process.
  •  A very powerful breathing technique to help help you last longer and avoid premature ejaculation.
  • How to use thrusting techniques and when to use them for maximum effect.
  • How to apply every technique you need to know to last 30 minutes or more and begin giving your lover the best sex of her life…
  • And much much more…

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When you will Download Ejaculation Guru Manual you will also Get following 4 FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 : Rapid stamina increase – fast start video – This video training has one outcome… to help you get started out as fast as possible at lasting for a longer time in bed .Using the methods l disclose with this video alone lots of my students have added twenty minutes and more to the amount of time they are able to last .
  • Bonus #2 : last longer during foreplay – Now foreplay is something that needs to be really enjoyed . . . However if you’ve ever noticed yourself wanting foreplay away , due to fear you could possibly orgasm too quickly , then you really need this manual With this bonus manual I’ll teach you what exactly to do to last as long as you desire while doing foreplay.
  • Bonus #3 : multiple orgasm oral sex : the guide – With this bonus book l breakdown step by step the steps to take so that you can turn into a master at giving oral sex .If you make use of the things you learn here you are going to be with a woman who worships you .And in addition to that . . . Providing her terrific oral satisfaction will undoubtedly make her more than glad to return the favor . .
  • Bonus #4 : 101 sex tips she’ll go wild for – This was made by my friend as well as sex expert Lloyd Lester.Lloyd is renowned for transforming “average” men into stallions in the bedroom who women can’t get enough of .Using just a couple of the tricks inside could make sex so enjoyable for her that she’ll desire for it repeatedly throughout the night long Allow me to quickly reveal to you what a number of other guys thought of the program…

ejaculation guru review

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